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Bootloader fails after TimeMachine Restore


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'scuse - relative newby.

Setup - ASUS p5GC - MX. Kalyway 10.5.1 installation. EFI vanilla kernel, GUID partition scheme. Single disk (disk0), one partition (at least at the level of Disk Utility). After a fair bit of tinkering most of this works fine including TimeMachine. Collected many TM backups.


Had to do a full restore. Used the install DVD to get to the RESTORE option, and restored from the latest TM backup. Appears to restore fine (checked disk from another Tiger bootable disk, all the files appear to be there) but disk0 will not boot. Have worked through various methods of reinstalling bootloaders (dd if=etc, startupfiletool etc, fdisk -e etc) but to no avail. I really need a bit of guidance as to what is the best approach.


What I've found is that disk0 has two partitions, disk0s1 has the EFI, and disk0s2 has the Leopard install. Up to now, I have been trying to repair the boot loader just on the disk0s2 partition. Maybe I should be trying to fix the EFI partition? Perhaps the restore has somehow damaged either the efi partition, or the boot sequence?


Does anyone have advice on:

i) approach to fix the bootloader -

ii) recommended approach to restoring from a TM backup, with this kind of two partition, EFI&Leopard kind of setup?



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