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Need Help Installing Leopard


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I have installed Uphuck on my computer and it is working so very well.Now thats the major problem.I downloaded the iATKOS revision 2 DVD just now but i am not sure whether i want to install it.My computer has only 1 Gib of RAM(which I suppose wont be enough in Leo) and also the Tiger is working perfectly for me.Since Tiger is working very well and I have tuned it my way.I dont wanna risk losing it.(I know I have to take chances...but).The computer is already a dual boot(XP/Tiger) and i have a spare partition where i am planning to install Leo.Here is what I am planning to do.Install Leo to the spare partition.It may or may not detect other OSes.If I find it too much for my system,I can always use GPartEd to format the Leo Partition and restore Darwin bootloader from Uphuck DVD.


I want to know if there is a safer way because last time I tried restoring Darwin,it did not work


Thanks in advance.


Sorry for my bad English

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