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  1. Capitel EVDO Modem

    Hi everyone, I have an EVDO card. Its made by a company named Capitel. I am having a tough time with it on my Mac. When i connect it, it is shown as a CD drive in desktop. It doesnt appear in network manager or anywhere Please help
  2. Hello, I have an Intel DG33FB motherboard. My DVD drive in IDE mode. Kalyway is the ONLY distro which does not give a "Still Waiting For Root Device" error when booting from the DVD. Recently i downloaded the iPC OSX 10.5.6 DVD which of course on booting gives me "Still Waiting For Root Device" error. But iPC DVD has an advantage that it can be installed from a working distro. Since i have Kalyway up and working, i mounted the iPC dmg and installed it to the second partition(Kalyway is on first partition). But when i try to boot iPC i get "Still Waiting For Root Device" error. Is there anything i can do(like copying kexts from my working Kalyway distro to the Extensions folder of iPC) to get my iPC working? Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  3. error installing iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Any help please?
  4. Hello I downloaded iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD and i get the "Still Waiting For Root Device Error" My PC Specs are Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz Motherboard: Intel DG33FB Graphics: XFX 8800 GT 512 MB I have an IDE DVD Drive which is set as primary master I also have two SATA Hard Disks I booted the DVD with SATA configured as IDE in BIOS I got the Still waiting for the root device error I changed the DVD drive to Slave first and tried but failed with same error. I also tried setting DVD drive to Cable select but same error. Next i booted the DVD with SATA configured as AHCI and tried the three possibilities with the DVD drive(Master,Slave,Cable Select) but the same error occurs. The last line that comes up before the "Srill Waiting For Root Device" is "Firewire failed to determine security mode; Defaulting to full secure" I even tried disabling NIC and all peripherals After the "Firewire failed to determine security mode; Defaulting to full secure" line i can hear the DVD drive spinning Down. Please Help
  5. How do i tell i have vanilla kernel

    Thanks guys
  6. from where do i get the info of my currently installed kernel on my Hackintosh?
  7. Installing Audio Drivers

    Hello I have an Intel DG33FB Motherboard and Kalyway 10.5.2 Everything works fine after the installation but the audio is not working.The problem is that i forgot to install the audio drivers.Please tell me which is the kext to install. Also please tell me how do i know if i am using vanilla kernel Thanks in advance
  8. Reinstall Mac on the already installed HD

    Thank you all very very much
  9. Reinstall Mac on the already installed HD

    Anyone Please?????
  10. Hello, I have dedicated an entire Hard Disk to Leopard.What will happen if i reinstall Leopard to the same Hard Disk without erasing it?Will my old settings and documents be saved?
  11. Graphics Driver Issue After 10.5.3 AMD Update

    All i did was install natit as nvinject did not work for me
  12. I will test it and post my results soon
  13. Hello all, I just wanted to share some useful info.I have nvidia 6200 TC with NVinject installed and lost QE/CI after 10.5.3 update.Well this is what worked for me Removed NVinject.kext installed natit And it works now!!! Before index.tiff After QE.tiff
  14. Cant find the ISO in the downloaded files

    The extensions were not hidden and it showed RAR.However I opened the file in PowerISO and it showed and ISO file.I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 and updated to 10.5.3 too.Everything works perfect
  15. Cant find the ISO in the downloaded files

    its only a RAR file of 3.5 GiB.If I extract that i get a 150 KB file only