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[Resolved]Via Rhine network adapter problem....


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Hey all,


On my system (a MSI PT880 board), I have an on-board NIC. It's reported as Win vista as a Via Rhine II fast Ethernet Adapter.


On my other Partition, I installed Leopard (iAtkos 1.0ir2), and selected the Rhine adapater driver. The problem is with OSX Leopard.


It works fine, speeds are great(awsome) with it, the problem, after an hour or so of not using the computer (I leave my PCs on all the time, disabled all sleep features), the network just stops. No more internet or network access, I will try to renew the IP, and it will sometimes get an address or an APIPA addres (169.254.*.*).


If I do get a renewed IP, it's still dead. The only way to get internet/networking working again is to reboot the computer. Nothing is enabled in the Bios that would put the network card asleep.


On the WinVista side, never an issue, a week can go by with out a problem. I've never needed to reboot the Vista side for an issue like this.


I do run a 2003 server here, I do know my networking very well (I'm a MCSE 2003), there is no issues with it. This is 100% on the OSX side.


Any idea ? I'd really like to spend more time in the OSX side but, this is a major problem, I need to depend on the network connection.


This is a strange one, as I can not find any setting in OSX to make the card sleep or anything, I have looked.


Please help if you can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I appeared to get this to work. Just want to post incase this came up for someone else and this post came up in their search.


I could not find it with the search in here, had to use the "site:" switch on google to find it....




This seems to fix my problem, as the computer was sitting on with out use for about 8 hours and it still works (crossing fingers that it lasts)

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