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  1. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    had problems loading a Lion VM under workstation 7.1.3, this solved it perfectly. Thanks !
  2. Hi, I've been out of it for a while but, have spent about an hour or so looking/searching for this answer with out luck. In the past I ran OSX 10.5 with a dual boot with Vista using the Chain0 method on my old computer(so I could use the Vista bootloader). It was a Via chipset so almost everytime a update came down, it died on me (Noob on OSX). I built a new Core2 Quad machine with a Intel Chipset (Asus P5K-E) and running Windows 7 RTM as the primary OS. Is it possable to still use the Chain0 method and use the Windows boot loader to boot OSX (snow ?) ? I do not have the 100mb "system reserved" partition (partitioned the drive before installing win7), if that helps any. Is there a tutorial someplace on how this works with the new Windows 7 boot loader ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Sorry for the newbie question. I was reading about the Boot 132 method and it only works on intel chipsets. Does anyone know if its possable to install on a board with a via chipset ? I just don't want to install updates and worry about my mac not booting after next reboot...
  4. Dual boot Vista and OSx on separate hdd's

    I gave up on it, Not sure on the correct way to do this but I could not find out the info. So, I just made new partition on another drive and reinstalled. She works now....
  5. kalyway 10.5 restarts everytime i bootup

    Try -X -V (x=safe mode). It could be a kernel issue, Is this a new install or did you take an update down ?
  6. Dual boot Vista and OSx on separate hdd's

    Yes, it lists it as a Primary Partition. Also to note, it's a slave drive on IDE 1 (0-1), will that make a difference ? Please help if you can, this is a driving me nuts
  7. Hi ! I'm loosing my mind here. I have been searching here for hours and can not resolve this one. I have OSX 10.5.5 installed to a 3rd PATA(all IDE drives) drive (moved to a new drive with Carbon Copy Cloner it was prev installed to another partition). So there is a total of 3 HDs in this computer and OSx is on Drive 3 (or 2 according to 0-2). The key thing is, I want to use the Vista Bootloader for this, like I had before. So I set it up with Chain0, like before, using EasyBCD and when ever I try to select OSX I get an error of "Chain booting error" and nothing. I've tried to drop kaly DVD in on boot up and it just takes me to the install screen. What am I doing wrong here ?
  8. I download the 10.5.5 update from Apple's site. Followed the directions that was on the home page but, it left me a reboot loop. I was able to get in save mode by typing update -v -x. Then I put in the kalyway dvd, and copied the kernel over and I was able to get back in with 10.5.5 running perfect again. That was just in my case, your results may vary....
  9. Can I "Move" My install to a new drive ?

    Sorry about this, search didn't come up with anything when I did it at 1st, but, it worked after I tried it agian http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html Looks like it will do what I need.... Mods you can delete both these posts if you want to
  10. Hi ! I am rebuilding my computer, and I am mainly a Windows person just due to the apps I need for work. My 10.5.5 install is on a partition on one of my drives. I would like to move my install of 10.5.5 to a new drive, so can format the old drive to reuse for something else. Is there a tool built in or external to "clone" a OSX install to another drive ?
  11. 10.5.5 is OUT!

    I was able to fix this. update -v -x allowed me to get back in to "safe mode" and copied the mach kernel back over, and bingo she boots and works fine, updated to 10.5.5 with all other updates.... I guess I am still a little of a newbie when it comes to this OSX stuff....
  12. 10.5.5 is OUT!

    Tried -v -x and it just loops (reboots), any other ideas ? (thanks in advance)
  13. 10.5.5 is OUT!

    Tried this, Now on boot up, it just loops, even tried with -v, same thing. Any idea ? Makes me afraid of ever updating it every time I try to update I have some problems. Plz help !
  14. Backup system to DVD ?

    To clear up what I am looking for....Right now for Windows (vista/xp), I use Acronis Home backup, this allows me to backup the whole system to dvd, spanning between the DVDs, one of my machines took 5 DVDs, and it died. I boot up with disc 1, swiched discs a lot but, when it was done, it was a complete system restore from DVD..... Is there anything for MAC like this ?
  15. How to update to Mac OS X 10.5.4?

    Just wanted to check on one thing....I installed Kalyway's 10.5.2 then installed the 10.5.3 update (that he had for download), in that process, it has you install the update, then install the kexts, then on reboot run "update -v". Will this work the same for 10.5.4 ? (just installing the kexts and do the update -v)