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Can I run Leopard?


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I am doing some reading into this topic and I really want to switch to leopard. Just wondering if I am compatible.


Compaq Presario V5308CA Laptop


Amd Sempron 3300+ Processor (not dual)

1 gig ram

Ati Radeon Xpress 200m Integrated Graphics



If what I am asking has been answered then by all means please direct me to it. I have already performed a search but could not find quite the right answers. Thanks to anyone in advance.

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I found this on HCL.



it isnt for leopard, but for 10.4.8. It isnt for your laptop, but for a very similiar model


Presario V5305WM

JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2/3 with PPF1 Install DVD
CPU: AMD Sempron 2.0Ghz
Graphics: ATI x200m 1280x800 Working without Quartz Extreme or Core Imaging (Used Video driver from here)
Ethernet: Realtek 8139 Working (Driver from here)
Audio: Realtek HD Working (Driver from here)
Wireless: Broadcom 4138 Working (Driver from here)
DVD: Working ( perfect )
Modem: Not working Trackpad: Working ( perfect OOTB)
Keyboard: Working ( perfect OOTB)
Battery Indicator: Working (Driver from here)
Power Management: Working
Sleep Mode: Not Working

This is one heck of a laptop for the $399 at Walmart. I was pretty impressed that it would run OSX very well. If we could only get the x200m video card to display QE/CI it would be perfect.


its worth a try for leopard. If you could be more detailed and find deeper specifcations for that lapy, it would work. As it appears, it will work for tiger (unless ur lan and sound is totally different).

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Hey So here is some useful CPU-Z information. If you need more just post...I want to make sure I know everything possible before trying to do this.




Mobile AMD Sempron 3300+ (2.0 GHZ)

Instructions: MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3




Manufacture: Hewlett Packard

Model: 30AE

Chipset: Ati Xpress 200 (RS480)


So which set of instructions should I be looking at to install it...since it is a AMD Processor?


Thanks for your replies.

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