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Darwin removed GRUB :( How to retrieve GRUB back?


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Hi all,


I was hoping I could make a triple boot, single SATA hdd system, but I always fail :rolleyes:


First of all, I started from scratch. DId is how I did it:


I followed this Triple boot guide:




I'm using only 1 hard drive, partitioned using gparted live cd. (1) 45gb = NTFS for vista (1) 25gb = ext3 for ubuntu (1) 9GB = FAT32 for Leopard (later changed to hfs+) (1) 512mb swap-linux


I installed Vista first then installed Ubuntu 7.10. The way I look at it, after installing Ubuntu, GRUB took over. I can successfully boot in both OS (Vista and Ubuntu) without problems. Now I move further and install Leopard (Kalyway).


After successfully booting up and installing Leopard .. I rebooted, this time I didn't see GRUB anymore. Darwin took over :( Now, I can only boot to Leopard (which successfully boots BTW).


How can I bring back GRUB so I can edit the menulst and make it a successful triple booting system?


Can anyone please give me a step-by-step instructions on how to do this or direct me to a link?


I'm noob at Linux and OSX, sorry about that.


THanks for your help :D

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In SUSE, you boot your install DVD and pick repair installed system.


Your ubuntu probably has a similiar option.


Reinstalling grub manually is not too difficult -- Google "grub manual" and read how -- but maybe not for Linux noobs.


If nothing else, you can just reinstall Linux over itself and restore grub that way. But you will have to add your OS X entry manually. If you don't reformat you shouldn't loose data. Just be sure you install to the same partition you used before.



here is the ubuntu link for restoring grub



I still like SUSE better.

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