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Stuck with itakOS...


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Hi everyone,


i stuck with my leo iatkos installation at the point when i need to select a volume to install leo on. booting and everything is fine from the very beginning, but when it comes to the point that i need to select a HD over the Diskutility .


i have 2 80GB WD Cavair drives installed , both emty and Fat32 formatted.


why wont the system find them, they are IDE connected


i have a ASUS P5LD2 board.


no special changes made in the bios...


as i mentioned above, no probs while booting, he detects after bios boot setting on usb DVD Drive without probs.


I have also tried to format new via Gparted live cd to reformat the HDD new


pls post all suggestions which are helpful


Thank you



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well, sounds like a driver/kext for your board is missing on the iatkos dvd.

it has a ich7r southbridge, so maybe kalyways install dvd will help you out. it has ich-whatever support, and also jmicron...

whatever, if this fails, probably the easiest way to get this run is buying a sata drive and setting SATA mode to AHCI in bios.


just my 2cents without much searching.

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