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Leopard on a Dell Inspiron 1720


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Hey, I installed Kalyway Leopard onto my Dell Inspiron 1720 and I'm getting a b0 error when I try to boot up Leopard. How can I fix this, or should I use another distro?



4 gigs ram

2.4ghz Intel Core Duo

256meg nvidia geforce 8800m?

250gig HDD fuji

read the dell.com.au site for details.



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1. Partition your disk a disk utility like Gparted Live Cd (free download) , or Acronis Disk Director. Create a Fat32, primary partition for Mac OS X (this is in addition to your windows partition). So you have a Primary partition for windows, and a primary partion for mac (still fat32)


You might also want a 3rd, Fat32 partition for swapping files. This will not be primary (extended or something)


2. Boot of your Kalyway Leopard DVD, format the partition you created for mac to HFS+ journaled and install Mac OS X. You now have both os'es installed.


3. Set your mac partition 'active', if it isn't already. The Mac bootloader should come up, enabling you to choose your OS! If not, hit F8 at startup.


For a more thorough guide, visit the Genius Bar for some great tutorials.

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