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encypt the whole thing :-)


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okay, after spending a lot of nights getting my hackintosh run, here´s the next challenge, and i think it might be interesting for many of us. what if your hackintosh notebook gets stolen? your rig gets into the hand of people you dont like? i guess you know what i mean ;-)


it was nearly impossible to use a secure way to encrypt volumes, devices, and system partitions when you have a multiboot machine with osx, windows, maybe linux or whatever. the missing part was some kind of encryption, that runs under all that operating systems.


this gap is now filled. yesterday truecrypt 5.0 came out, there are binaries for osx, windoze and linux. gui for any included, pre-boot encryption options. see the website for details: www.truecrypt.org


i will try as soon as i can, but i don´t have that much spare time the next weeks.

so if some of you try and get things working, please share your knowledge here.


my aim would be to build a completely encrypted multiboot machine. if this is not possible for any reason, i´d try to get as close as possible to that.


as the truecrypt server suffers from a really high load, you may need patience... i don´t want to make a mirror, and i recommend everyone to use the original tc-website for downloading. it´s a matter of security. you never know what happened to software on foreign websites.

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