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First install Problems


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I am having problems installing Leo on any of my PC's. Also I am a little confused, so any help would be appreciated.


I will state the facts first, then I will post my questions.


I currently have the following and cannot get the install to go through.


Core 2 Duo Machine. C2D 2.4 GA P35 DS4, 4GB DDR2, 8800GTS 320MB

Centrino Laptop 1.6C Gateway M35, 1GB DDR, 80GB HDD, Intel Xtream Graphics 2

Presscot P4 Machine 3.0 SK478, 1GB DDR, 160GB HDD, Onboard GRX

Northwood P4 Machine 2.4 MSI PT880NEO, 1GB DDR, 80GB HDD 9800PRO


I have the following files for OS X


Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ToH -RC2 SSE3 SSE2 Intel PC! Only.nrg





I have tried to follow the guide



but it seems you need OS X installed before you can do this patch.




1) Can OS X 10.5 Leo be installed on a PC fresh or do I need 10.4 Tiger installed first?

2) Which build is the newest and best for Intel PC Install? Or 10.4?

3) Is the 'update' performed after the install or before, on before burn on the .iso image?


thanks again for any help in advance. I've read about 5 different guides and am thouroghly confused now.

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I've got something


I'm currently install OS X ToH 10.5 on the following machine with the f8 vanilla option.


Turned off everything in bios that I didn't need.



P4 Northwood 2.4


512 DDR

160 GB Maxtor IDE

Samsung IDE DVD

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