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  1. mnsherick

    10.5.2 and the R1000 driver

    Just a quick note. I loaded the F8 version of the bios for my board same thing. Also tried updating to the newest F12, still no help. It's like the driver never 'tells' the card to turn on, the lights never come on where the cable plugs in, or on my router. -Matt
  2. mnsherick

    10.5.2 and the R1000 driver

    Ok, so I've been trying to get OSX to work with my ethernet, I've got the drivers loaded, but I always get the 'network cable unplugged' message. I can edit all the properties of the network settings i.e. change ip address so on... I'm running the following hardware. GAP35-DS4 Rev 2.0 4GB DDR2 (800MHZ) Core2Duo 2.44 80GB PATA Lite-ON SATA DVD/R 8800GTS 320MB I've tried several versions of OSX. I got JaS 10.4.8 loaded and installed the R1000.kext it recognized the hardware but still says cable unplugged. Also loaded kalyways 10.5.2 with the R1000 driver same thing. My cousin has the same hardware but MB Rev 2.1 and his works like a charm on both OSX versions? Maybe a bios update will help? I'm at a loss any help is much appreciated. -Matt
  3. mnsherick

    Strange problems with a GA-P35-DS4

    Just a quick reply, which kext's did you use to get audio/ethernet working in JaS10.4.8. I've got the p35-ds4 board I'm trying to get working as well. thanks -Matt
  4. mnsherick

    AC97 Audio Driver CMI9761A

    that's what I needed to know. It's a SFF PC / Mini ITX so I thought it would make a neat little 'cube' type pc guess I will stick with xp.
  5. I've got the same southbridge chipset on a P4VBM 800 and sound, and usb don't work, how did you work it out in the end?
  6. mnsherick

    AC97 Audio Driver CMI9761A

    I'm trying to get my sff pc running tiger here is the device I'm having trouble with, C-Media CMI9761A 6-Channel AC97 Audio I installed the viarhine.kext and got it working for the ethernet no problem so I do know how it works. I also tried the supply appleac97audio.kext and the one from the wiki, also tried appleonboardaudio.kext and applehda.kext, as well as cmi8738pciaudiodriver.kext anyone know where to look next? -Matt
  7. mnsherick

    Need help getting into Leopard Installer

    If your still having problems try an easier install like JAS 10.4.8 which seems to work on more machines.
  8. mnsherick

    Problems with CMedia CMI9761

    I've got the same chipset and I'm not gettting any sound which driver did you use to get left side working?
  9. mnsherick

    Time Machine Looping

    After days of trying to install OS X Kalyway I got it to install clean on my system. After reboot I'm seeing the screen select your language, then restore from time machine or another mac. The bottom option is not to resotore settings, if I choose that, it takes a min or so, then restarts me at select your language. Any ideas? I installed MBR to full 80GB Disk and choose SSE2 but didn't opt for the vanilla option, yes I selected EFI MBR bootloader. System: P4 Presscott 3.0 IDEQ Mini ITX System 1GB G Skill DDR400 80GB HDD IDE DVD Rom
  10. mnsherick

    Need help getting into Leopard Installer

    I'm having same problem with 3 other computers. However I found it installed fine on a different computer, after I turned off everything in bios that isn't needed, and went vanilla install. Turn off all your ports, and audio/lan in bios and try again, hit F8 when the bootloader comes up, and type vanilla -enter and give it a shot. I'm really reaching here especially since I just got my first install going today after 2 or 3 days of work. If I'm wrong about anything someone please correct me since I know nothing about os x
  11. mnsherick

    First install Problems

    Finally!!! I've got something I'm currently install OS X ToH 10.5 on the following machine with the f8 vanilla option. Turned off everything in bios that I didn't need. System: P4 Northwood 2.4 MSI PT880 NEO 512 DDR 160 GB Maxtor IDE Samsung IDE DVD
  12. mnsherick

    First install Problems

    I am having problems installing Leo on any of my PC's. Also I am a little confused, so any help would be appreciated. I will state the facts first, then I will post my questions. I currently have the following and cannot get the install to go through. Core 2 Duo Machine. C2D 2.4 GA P35 DS4, 4GB DDR2, 8800GTS 320MB Centrino Laptop 1.6C Gateway M35, 1GB DDR, 80GB HDD, Intel Xtream Graphics 2 Presscot P4 Machine 3.0 SK478, 1GB DDR, 160GB HDD, Onboard GRX Northwood P4 Machine 2.4 MSI PT880NEO, 1GB DDR, 80GB HDD 9800PRO I have the following files for OS X Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ToH -RC2 SSE3 SSE2 Intel PC! Only.nrg & OSx86_9A581.iso BrazilMac-9a581-Patch.zip I have tried to follow the guide viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008 but it seems you need OS X installed before you can do this patch. Questions... 1) Can OS X 10.5 Leo be installed on a PC fresh or do I need 10.4 Tiger installed first? 2) Which build is the newest and best for Intel PC Install? Or 10.4? 3) Is the 'update' performed after the install or before, on before burn on the .iso image? thanks again for any help in advance. I've read about 5 different guides and am thouroghly confused now.