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laptop battery, leopard 2.5hrs windows 4.0hrs


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my battery does not last as long as in windows,

and laptop fan runs all the time,...


specs: lenovo R60, 2GB, gma950, WD 320gb 5400rpm, atheros wifi

battery 56whrs screen dim with, shades.app


windows xp: screen dim, power managment, battery max,

firefox, wifi,

4.0 hrs hours , ~14watt, with disk sleep , sometimes 9watt


leopard: kalyway efi, battery status fixed,

camino, wifi

2.5hrs kill-a-watt, 22-24watt


- iatkos, mbr, speedstep, cpus=1

camino, disksleep 1



what's yours ? ... how to improve ?... Does your fan run all the time ?

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