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Just got Mac OS X 10.4.10 Kalyway edition to work on my girlfriends eMachine. GO FIGURE! While Im running a dual-core amd machine. Well thats beside the point.

What Im trying to figure out is how to get this wireless card working on her Hackintosh.

I dont know what the model number of the Wireless Nic is. But Its a D-Link.

If I need the model number. I can find out tomorrow.

But for now.

If anyone can help.

I would greatly appreciate it.


Her Machine specs are:

Intel Extreme Graphics (I use GMA900 and the 950 fix. Works fine.)

Intel Celeron D 2.6GHz

1 gb DDR400. (Supplied by Me)

and Intel MOBO.

And the pesky D-link wireless card.


EDIT : Just found out the model number it is. DWL-G520.

If anyone has a kext for it or can help out with instructions on getting it to work.

That would be a big help.

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