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  1. "Still waiting for root device" 99.9% of the time because support for your I/O Chipset isn't there. for SATA controllers, it can be solved usually by what Beerkex'd suggested, putting it in AHCI mode, if your BIOS allows you to do so. For SATA controllers that the BIOS _DOESN'T_ let go into AHCI mode, a kext with the proper support for it in IDE mode needs to be installed, same goes for IDE controllers, the kext that adds support for it would also need to be there. As for that response, it being a disk, partition, filesystem or format error is NOT the case. What I have said above is usually 99.9% of the time, the problem.
  2. translucent about this mac

    What do you mean by translucent?
  3. ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4570

    QE/CI for Mobility Radeon HD won't exist unless Apple starts using them in their systems. Most you will get is native res, if that.
  4. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 driver hopefully?

    Wow, I'm surprised that radeon experts haven't jumped on this thread. But with those drivers that were posted earlier, you will only receive native res, if that much. QE/CI as of right now, will never exist for Mobility Radeon HD Apple doesn't use it in there products so drivers and support for it will never exist. Until Apple starts using Mobility Radeon HD in their systems, you will never see drivers enabling QE/CI.
  5. Yeah, you can either add your kexts to a boot132 cd. or you can add the kexts to the dvd and rebuild the dvd's kextcache. Which I still have yet to figure out. JaS kinda left me hangin there. >.>
  6. Buffers? Headers? wtf is all this bullcrap

    It's not a gfx issue or a CPU=1 problem. It is most likely an ACPI/APIC problem (from what I remember when working with JaS). So you can try a diff distro, of if the one you're currently using lets you install and older ACPIPlatform.kext, you can try that.
  7. What does the Darwin boot option "update" actually DO?

    Yes, "update" is actually the old 9.2.0 Netkas kernel. it is installed by Kalyway's kernel installer. Just incase your system doesnt like the 9.3.0 kernels.
  8. Need help with LG DVD-RW drive

    Is your LG DVD burner SATA or IDE? and What kind of chipset do you have?
  9. How to delete or disable Time Machine

    Go to System Preferences, Go to the Time Machine preference pane, and pull the little slider to OFF!!
  10. Leo4All v3 error.

    Im trying to install leo4all because its less buggy then Zephs. Ive had Some problems in the past with Zephs that I heard arent in leo4all.
  11. Leo4All v3 error.

    I have a 690V chipset, and Ive gotten Zeph's 10.5.2 to install. I was told by eddie that if I inject the SB600 kexts into the dvd that I should be able to boot into the installer, the Leo4All dvd has a selection for the SB600 chipsets. So IDK what I did wrong, cuz It says that even on a diff AMD computer.
  12. Leo4All v3 error.

  13. Leo4All v3 error.

    Really no one can help? Its not even the fact that this could have already been asked, even though it has. But the solutions that work for other people arent working for me. So please. Someone help me out.
  14. Leo4All v3 error.

    Not a single person knows what my problem is?
  15. Can't Boot Install Disk - Endless Scrolling

    Try a brand new blank DVD+R. And burn at the slowest speed you could. Its getting an error trying to read the dvd. The disk is probably damaged.