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Moving OS X hard drive from one laptop to another


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I currently have OS X running fairly well (except for some network weirdness) on this:


Dell Inspiron E1705

C2D 2Ghz (cpus=1 setting)


GeForce 7950GTX Go 512MB

Broadcom 440x network

SigmaTel 9200 audio (mostly functional)

I think it's an 845 mobile chipset

I don't have wireless enabled and don't really need it.




I am getting this laptop tomorrow:


Sager 5792

C2D 2.5Ghz Penryn

GeForce 8800M GTX 512MB

865PM chipset

Realtek Gigabit NIC (don't know model, Windows drivers say '8169/8168/8101')

Realtek audio ("Azalia") - No idea what model, and the Windows driver has many different models it supports


I am concerned if OS X will like this thing at all. Even more important, if it does, how versatile would my existing install on the Dell be if I just took the hard drive out, slapped it in the Sager, and tried to boot it? Worst case I can always re-do it but if OS X can figure out a new environment with minimal hassle it would be a big help.

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u may want to remove the audio and lan kexts before you switch. Also, i assume ur sacrificing the better hardrive thats in the new laptop. it wouldnt be a big hassle to just install on that new laptop, and transfer all important stuff.

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