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What do you think of this as my OSX PC Build

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You guys saw this post.





Not Bad. I like to build in maybe in march a Compact Pc hacked to run OSX86 and not break the bank

and have some performance. A Replacement for my MacMini PPC.


Shuttle PC Barebones Kit $179.


Graphics Intel 950 GMA.


Intel Core2Duo 2.20GHz $119


2x Each Kingston 1GB Memory $21



Rosewill 802.11 B/G Wireless Card $15 ( I don't really need it connect via ethernet I just hope it works with OSX)



Seagate 250GB Hard Drive $66.99



LG Black DVD Burner $27.99



The Barebones PC from ShuttlePC comes with a 250 Watt Power Supply is that enough power for the Core2Duo and a PCI

Express Graphics Card.

Somone told me that they computer fried becuase that had a low power supply and recomend that I put in a 350 watt or 400 watt Do I have to worry about that ?

The only reason why I like this Barebones kit is that I can put a Graphics Card in it.


The Graphic card I want to put in is this



Price $149 GeForce 8600GTS Direct X 10 ready.


So the total will be around $581 including the graphics card.


I hope that of I set this all up when I do buy these things everything works out of the box like the sound, firewire, etc.


Software won't be a problem to get. Ilife, iwork etc.


So what do you guys think ?


For Leopard I'll use EFI Patch Vanilla Kernel

I'll use this tutorial



Use this PC to Dual Boot between Windows XP and OSX86.


This is pretty cool for it Keyspan Rf Remote Front Row $29.94


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