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I'd appreciate some help!


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First let me say thank you to any of you that can help me out. I really appreciate it. Ive done a lot of searching on this forum, but have yet to come up with a ton of answers, mainly because I dont always know what Im looking for.


Problem one:


I have Kalway 10.5.1 installed. I do not have a battery meter, and seeing that I am on a laptop, I really need one. Is there a fix for this?


Problem two:


My usb ports are not working correctly. Usb thumb drives are not recognized, neither is my iphone, mp3 plays, or pretty much anything else plugged into them.


Problem three:


I'm pretty sure that I know the answer to this, but Im on a compaq presario c300. Its got the "unknown" broadcom chip in it or whatever. The 4311 I believe. has anyone found a fix for this? I read something about a pin 20 fix, is that still a possibility?



I'd appreciate any help I can get with these problems, if there are any kext files you could send me to fix some of these thatd be wonderful. Thanks!

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