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Installation Stuck on EHCI, HELP!


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I'm installing using the AMD install DVD found on [a torrent site] with the following system specs:


AMD X2 4000+

Foxconn A690GM2MA-8KRS2H

Western Digital SATA HD second partition (first has windows)



and anything else shouldn't matter too much, I'm doing a native install where it boots into the CD from the BIOS


I get stuck at the EHCI USB error and it gets annoying. I let it run for half an hour and it's still there. Please see the attached image. In the BIOS settings I tried using Legacy USB off, Enhanced USB off, and USB 2.0 off. I even unplugged everything except my USB mouse and it still doesn't work. When I disable all the USB, it repeats the "Waiting for root device" endlessly.


I also tried using the Jas 10.4.8 AMD/Intel install after all the command line things, it shows the restart screen and I can't even get to the install.


Here's the -v -x screen with USB on for everything in BIOS. Please help! Thank you very much ahead of time.




Sorry for the overwhelming size of this screenshot.

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Firstly, you'd better remove the reference you have in your first sentence above (and maybe take another look at the rules for posting in these Forums...) They take a dim view because your post could put the Forum in jepardy.


Your MB uses the 690G chipset (right?)... There's NO built-in support for the SB600 SATA controller (IDE might work, might not). There are ways around it but nothing easy. If you're determined (and willing to read a great deal) Zephyroth might work for you. (easier to wait for his second release - probably sometime this month - you won't have to fight that issue)


Not ALL PC hardware is supported by OS X and/or these releases. You'll see below I have Zephyroth running (quite well) on an AM2 690G chipset MB. It was NOT and ordinary install!


In the meantime:





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i´ve got the same system and the same problem with zephyros.i tried to install on an ide drive too, but:"still waiting for root device"

with an other amd dvd i can boot the system at the first time, but after the first reboot, theres an error.

anyone who can help us?

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