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SATA only in Safe Boot?

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I've got my OSx86 machine running just lovely - aside from no sound, so if anyone knows how to get a Realtek onboard working (or an SB Live!) that'd be great.


When I first installed there was no access to my SATA drives at all. I've got a VIA SATA controller on my 'board (Asus A8V-VM) so using my Windows install (on a separate drive) I found the relevant hardware IDs and edited AppleViaATA.kext accordingly.


Here's the problem though:


When I boot up normally it comes up with the "IOatacontroller blocking bus" message in the text feed at boot, and when OS X loads I have no access to the SATA drives.


However, when I use the '-x' switch at boot (i.e. Safe Boot Mode) all the SATA drives are working. Now this wouldn't be an issue - I'd just use safe boot all the time - but Parallels doesn't work in Safe Boot mode.


I have a feeling it's got something to do with the boot drive being checked (permissions repaired?) before the .kext files are loaded at boot, but I could be wrong. If there's a switch to do a drive check at boot that might work? If anyone knows what that might be :P


Cheers guys!

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Booting with -f works great, thanks very much!!


Just out of curiosity, what is the definition of the '-f' switch? And the '-x' one too. Cheers!


On another note, is there any way to set it to boot with "Graphic Mode"="1280x1024x32@60" without having to type it in every time!


Thanks very much

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1. you simply forgot to remove your Extension.mkext, so the kernel gets confused about your kexts.

2. simply type your Graphics-mode stuff into /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist

you can find a lot of hints across the forum where exactly to put your line in.


have fun!

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Thanks bro, you wouldn't be able to tell me where exactly to look for that info on modifying the com.apple.boot.plist would you?


So do I just move the Mkext to a backup folder??


Oh yeah, not sure if you'd know off the top of your head before I start a new thread but I've been struggling to get NTFS-3G on MacFUSE to work...any ideas? Or is there a better way to get R/W on an NTFS volume in OS X?


Where do OSX86 users stand as far as updates go? I'm using a legal copy of Tiger which I have a license for and everything, and I kinda want to upgrade to 10.4.11 so I can get the new iTunes for iPhone compatibility.

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no you simply delete the extensions.mkext, its just a cache

-f makes it to NOT use it

and it will be rebuilt if its not tere

about ntfs3g i cannot say anything i installed it, it works :hysterical:

and it is the best way to get write access to ntfs i guess.

upgrading to 10.4.11 might be legal, but it will corrupt your osx86!

except maybe you use a vanilla kernel.

besides i dont think the apple licence allows you to run osx on

nonapple hardware. if you need to upgrade to 10.4.11

you might try to follow some of the guidelines around here--

if its only itunes-iphone, maybe its enough to extract the

corresponding kext from the update-dmg and update itunes?


edit: for com.apple.boot.plist this should help:


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