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Help with VMware! please!


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ok so I'm using VMware to try and set up Leopard on a virtual drive. I've been booting straight from the ISO so I don;t have to deal with a bad burn disk.


my computer specs are:

HP Pavilion Notebook

Intel Pentium 4ht 3.40GHz CPU

93Gb HDD (I think it's IDE)

2024Mb RAM

Intel Chipset Quanta motherboard

ATI Radeon Mobility X600


every time I boot with iATKOS I get an EBIOS error that reads Device timeout Block6774040 Sectors 64

However every time I boot with Kalyway I get the screen shown below I think this is called a kernel panic? how do I get around it to install properly?


I followed the VMware install guide for the latest Tiger release on the WIKI, but I get that kernel panic thing.can someone please help me?


this is my first time doing this, and I'd really like it to work.


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wow, this is amazing, it appears that no one can help out someone who cannot find anything, it like a librarian sitting behind the counter staring at a guy who's franticly searching for a book, but who's too busy playing solitaire to actually do anything.


I've been trawling through these forums for over 2 weeks looking for answers, and cannot find them. now if someone could please help me out, it'd be much appreciated and might turn my thoughts of this forum around.

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