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Installed Fine, Boots Fine, Immediate Restart


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I'f finally been able to load the installer for osx. I was using Kalyway but i downloaded ToH 2 and i got that to install all the way was having a problem booting went into the console and applyed the post install (9a581) patch as well as the bootfix patch. Now the Darwin bootloader works and loads but initally after i get the grey screen with the apple in the middle it force's a reboot. If i enable boot options like -v -legacy cpus=1 it does something similar as it shows whats being loaded unfortunatly i cant read it because it loads it so fast then it restarts. Ive been progressively getting further and further along the install process as i used to not even be able to get the installer to run. But im stuck now. My Hardware consists of the following:


eVGA nForce 680iLT SLI

Intel Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz

4Gb DDR2 Ram

Segate 200GB IDE HD

Pioneer DVD-RW IDE Drive

PNY Verto GeForce 8600 GTS


I don't really know what to do now please help me, Is there things in the bios that need to be disabled, if so what. Because i dont understand how the installer will load fine then once it gets to the setup assistant it restarts.


Also, after installing ToH and applying all the patches etc, I put in the Kalyway disk and booted from that, i got the following error in the installation maybe it can be useful this one was cause after the gui loaded so i was allowed to save it to my flash drive. ill include it in the attachment.


Thank you again for your time...


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