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  1. Installed Fine, Boots Fine, Immediate Restart

    bump for good measure
  2. I'f finally been able to load the installer for osx. I was using Kalyway but i downloaded ToH 2 and i got that to install all the way was having a problem booting went into the console and applyed the post install (9a581) patch as well as the bootfix patch. Now the Darwin bootloader works and loads but initally after i get the grey screen with the apple in the middle it force's a reboot. If i enable boot options like -v -legacy cpus=1 it does something similar as it shows whats being loaded unfortunatly i cant read it because it loads it so fast then it restarts. Ive been progressively getting further and further along the install process as i used to not even be able to get the installer to run. But im stuck now. My Hardware consists of the following: eVGA nForce 680iLT SLI Intel Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz 4Gb DDR2 Ram Segate 200GB IDE HD Pioneer DVD-RW IDE Drive PNY Verto GeForce 8600 GTS I don't really know what to do now please help me, Is there things in the bios that need to be disabled, if so what. Because i dont understand how the installer will load fine then once it gets to the setup assistant it restarts. Also, after installing ToH and applying all the patches etc, I put in the Kalyway disk and booted from that, i got the following error in the installation maybe it can be useful this one was cause after the gui loaded so i was allowed to save it to my flash drive. ill include it in the attachment. Thank you again for your time... Installer_Log_1_Feb_2008.txt
  3. Kalyway Install Problem

  4. Kalyway Install Problem

    I tried the instructions in this page http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=22844 but it didnt seem to work does the boot have to be MBR? please some more info or just some links to point me in the right direction would be helpful
  5. Kalyway Install Problem

    ok thanks so much, i couldnt find anything last night but another search and i found this so im going to try it now. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=22844
  6. Kalyway Install Problem

    Was able to get past where i was using the following boot options "-x -legacy cpus=1" this would allow the installer to complete fully. I installed with the default options then included my NVinject for Desktop for my Grafx card. Rebooted... and got the "b0 error" read that switching to MBR might change this. Reinstalled and changed to MBR and everything looks like its about to load then it restarts it gets to past loading darwin and the screen flashes then dies. Please, i beg you to help me. This is really frustrating me.
  7. Kalyway Install Problem

    bump, please help should i try different installs or what if so what ones?
  8. Kalyway Install Problem

    Ive been trying to install Kalyway on my new computer: EVGA nForce 680iLT MoBo Quad Core Q6600 @2.4 4Gb DDR 2 PC2 6400 80Gb IDE HD IDE DVDRW Drive The first time i booted the DVD i got all the way to the 'Agreement' which was the install notes and after i hit accept it asked me to reboot. Now everytime i try and restart the process it gets to the apple logo and the spinner and it loads for a while and then asks to restart OR it will get right past that get to where it preparing the installation and then asks for a restart what amd i doing wrong? I tried the vanilla kernel f8 then vanilla[enter] and it doesnt get to the GUI. Some insight would be great. Yea im new to the forums and ive never run mac on a pc before so i could really use the help