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Applying updates without risk of rebuilding!


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Not sure if anyone else is using this method but if not then this might actually help you get back up and running real quick if you have any issues with updates etc...


I`m using the really cool freeware utility RsyncX, what this allows you to do is completely backup your OSX installation whilst you are running OSX. I tend to leave say a 40-60gb partition free to one side when i install osx so that once the new installation is up and running i can `clone` the installation to the spare partition. If in the event that an update kills the installation i can simply go into the darwin options screen at startup and select the backed up osx installation in the boot options list, boot that and then rsyncx back to the dead osx install... It`s also a really handy way of testing different kext modifications or in my case having a dedicated osx installation with just say some games in or even a dedicated nicely streamlined Final Cut Pro environment... The possibilities are endless and best of all this saves me so much time and never needing to install OSX again from scratch..


I hope this gives you guys some food for thought, and i hope it saves you some time when you next encounter issues or just want to tinker with something without any risk of doing a full install again :unsure:



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