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  1. Hi, Has anyone attempted either a Lion or a ML installation on this new Samsung? I have an Inspiron 1720 running Lion well but just updated to this newer laptop. Cheers,
  2. Inspiron 1720 Boot Up Problems

    @ Chris Emerson - I`m running the new iAtkos S3 v2 on my 1720 here and it`s been great so far. I am going to do a write up on the build but for now if you still have the Inspiron 1720 then go grab iAtkos S3 v2, perform a regular boot as it has not fallen over yet. Keep all default options but add broadcom wireless (if you have it instead of the intel wlan card), broadcom ethernet, RTC 32 (change from default RTC in options list) and perform install... Like i say i`m going to write it up in more detail but hopefully the above will get you going. Cheers,
  3. Guys, I now have 10.6.3 pretty much almost running perfectly. Obviously the Nvidia 8600gt and shutdown issues still exist but i can live with that. If anyone is interested i will gather all my info together and try to write something on here. Please don`t expect every Dell Inspiron 1720 install to work, my details are as guidance they are not full proof but they work for me. I have used the new Iatkos S3 release which so far has not given me a single kernel panic on boot (cd) or when installed.
  4. iAtkos S3 on Dell E1505

    @ eraser2021999 - I`m doing exactly the same on a Dell Inspiron 1720, can you confirm what your install options etc were as i`m getting the same as bkfraiders7, i have the v2 version of Iatkos s3. Cheers,
  5. Most addictive Mac games

    Dark Castle (any of the three), Airborne! and uninvited... I`m an old skool mac gamer but they are the best
  6. Hi, I have mine almost near perfect. I use iAtkos v5i and although it is a pain to boot after numerous attempts it will boot fine. I can`t remember the exact details of my procedure but i have enough notes to re-inact if required, i am running 10.5.5 and have done for almost 2 years. Specifications wise check my signature for details. Info from my build: To my knowledge restart/shutdown will NOT work with the 8600gt functioning correctly. Any kexts used to get the video working will break shutdown/restart. To Boot disable flash etc in the bios, in fact take out most items until you get the base install on then enable and patch as necessary. I will submit my BIOS settings as soon as i can. Sleep works fine, it did out of the box Wireless (broadcom based) i had to insert an additional string in the EHCI kext as follows: <string>pci14e4,4315</string> to /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext/Contents/info.plist Links used for the build: Audio Thanks: Audio System Build: System Build Wireless Thanks: Wireless I do have the full package of kexts etc that i used for the build, if anyone wants them let me know and i`ll dig them out. Cheers,
  7. Have you plugged anything into the ethernet port? I wasnt using ethernet at all just wireless but until i connected the machine via ethernet to the router just the once then my TM backup worked from then on.. Also check to see if the devices are listed in the networking section of preferences, until you can confirm that your ethernet is working in osx, time machine will not work. cheers,
  8. you need a space between rf and the path e.g. rm -rf/sytem/Library/Extensions.mkext rm -rf /sytem/Library/Extensions.mkext cheers,
  9. You need to provide more specific information about your build so far e.g. what release of osx are you using, what have you done with kexts etc since installation (if you have made lots of changes etc then it's harder to help you solve your issue). Check back through this thread as i myself have had similar issues and managed to solve, i have posted my findings on this thread so read back and check. cheers,
  10. @ Macgirl. Just a quick one, i have been getting my 1720 up and running, so far i have everything working except shutdown/restart (as we all know). Would you like me to submit my procedure so far or just create a new thread specifically for the 1720? Most of the steps are made up of other members tips but i thought it would be good to put it all in one place for others to get their 1720`s up and running in one go? cheers,
  11. @lofn Yeah i`ve swapped back to the Dell DW1395 and it`s working with the addition of <string>pci14e4,4315</string> in the file /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext/Contents/info.plist But i have a new issue If i leave the current IONetworking.kext and just do the changes to get the wireless working, time machine backups fail with `the backup volume could not be found`. If i replace the IONetworking.kext from 10.4.3 then the Time Machine backup starts to work fine but the wireless completely stops. Swings and roundabouts, i`m sure someone has been in this position before, any ideas guys? cheers,
  12. @oSxFr33k Ran your procedure (trying to get osx bootable after time machine restore) but when i type in the command startupfiletool -v /dev/rdisk0s2 /usr/standalone/i386/bootefi9 but i`m getting file system not cleanly unmounted. Any ideas? Also is their a specific procedure for restoring from time machine backups? If so could someone paste a link? cheers,
  13. hi, Got the wireless working, performed a complete re-install (think their were issues with the IO80211family.kext etc) and followed the instructions from the following link, check out M.Carlson`s post (many many thanks to him for that). Once done repaired permissions etc, rebooted and voila airport now on in networking prefs. My outstanding issues are: CPU speed in aboutthismac is now showing 1ghz not 1.83ghz Audio still not working as yet. Performance just seems a little more sluggish than the previous install, followed the same instructions as before so not sure why the difference. Any advice appreciated, enjoy the rest of your xmas holidays all.
  14. Hi. Pulling my hair out on this one now guys. I have swapped back my Dell 1395 wireless card and am getting the same issues that i had with teh Atheros AR5008 apple based card... I have been doing lots of homework here prior to submitting this post. I have tried the following: 1. Running the bcm enabler script (to add all broadcom id's) 2. Performing the switch trick on the interface names 3. Removing and replacing the IO80211family.kext 4. Removing the interface plist On startup i get the airport icon in the top right hand corner, it has lines through it but after a few second it turns to white and when highlighted says no card installed. I have seen lots of others getting this to work fine but i just don`t get why any of my cards will not work
  15. hiya, I swapped out the stock wireless card for an official Apple 802.11n, i see this as an AR5008 in windows. My LSPCI output on these devices are as follows: 00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:284b] (rev 02) 0c:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5418 802.11abgn Wireless PCI Express Adapter [168c:0024] (rev 01) I presume this is seeing the correct models?