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Time Machine backup fails


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Yesterday I installed vine 3.0 server, this is a very nice VNC server application, that is able to run in reduced colour mode, which of course is ideal when connecting over WAN. Pretty soon I found out that I didn't have any admin rights on the machine, also in the sudoers file my account disappeared.


Edited the sudoers files with a trick and regained the ability to use sudo. But apart from using the root user, I couldn't use any other account to admin the machine (as in entering it whenever OSX prompts for admin credentials). When trying to allow user to administer computer, it would fail. Even the OSX server gui wasn't able to restore this.


Not a big problem, as I could use the root user whenever OSX prompts me for credentials. Except it also broke the adobe updater, even when logged in as root, or using sudo to invoke the program, it still complained about missing admin rights.


Well let's try time machine to restore the whole bunch :)


Choose a recent backup, DVD in the drive, time machine restore, it failed on ONE file and that meant restarting and starting over.

Rant mode:


Bloody hell, this way it is pretty useless, as I cannot restore a system based upon ONE file failing, it fails right away and ask for reboot. USELESS.


End rant.


Trying another backup as we speak, but I wouldn't hold my breath, this means that I probably have to reinstall my system, then restore user files, not something that I love doing.

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