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how to free download videos from youtube? Help...


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I access to the Youtube website from one of my friends. we both like rock’n roll very much. And often shoping at the CD’n VCD retails to search our favorite band or album. But since we are just students and don’t have much pocket money, the most way we can use is download them from website like youtube, myspce. And meanwhile we need a high speed downloading tool to help us and convert the formats with good quality, of cause it would better be free.

I’m sorry to wasting your time by asking this stupid question, but I’ve used many softwares which I searched from google, but It’s either function limited by trial or not a free edition,


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There are a variety of online services that would allow you to do this:






Out of the above services, I would recommend vixy or Zamzar because they can convert the YouTube videos which are in the FLV format to widely supported formats like MPEG and AVI. If you are looking for freeware software to do this, heres one for Windows:




I haven't used it myself, what I've found is the best is the commercial Naevius YouTube Converter (trial software):




Even though its trial, it works extremely well and it has a pleasing interface. Both of the software mentioned are for Windows, so if you have OS X you'll have to use Windows virtualization software like CrossOver or you'll have to use an online service.


One thing I'd like to make clear: No matter what software or service you use, you will NEVER be able to get the YouTube files in good quality unless you track down the person who uploaded it and request the original.

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