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Socket 939 Athlon x2 3600+


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Picked this processor up for around $35~, and with a full copper ThermalTake Venus 7+ cooler, i acchieved a respectable 25% overclock from 2.0ghz to 2.5ghz (250mhz x 10) after dropping the ht bus to 3x, and the ram (cheap 1gb x 2) to 166mhz fsb. I could have probably pushed it a bit further, but temperature issues due to a small fan on the heatsink kept me from it.


incidentally the motherboard i picked up to go with it (foxconn/winfast 6150bk8mc) works wonders with JaS 10.4.8, other than sound and network, making this build my first working hackintosh!


just thought i'd share

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