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I switched to a bad resolution - now how do I recover?


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Hello. I am using the 10.5.1 amd dvd, QE + CI at 1920x1200 resolution was working perfect.


I tried changing resolution to 1280x800, as soon as I did that the resolution changed but I was staring at a blue screen.


This might help solve the problem: There are 2 ways I start mac os x now. One is with -v -f and when I do this I get full resolution support and my monitor dell e248wfp (or whatever) shows up in the display settings.


The other way I boot is without -v -f and I just get 1024x768.


So I guess I really have 2 questions: how do I reset my resolution to get out of the blue screen when using -v -f, and how do I boot without having to use -v -f (load a kext or something?)

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