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  1. I got my Ati Radeon x1900gt to work with the following simple steps: I installed the following kexts: Natit_edited (you can find it in the natit subforum, development thread) empty skull 1900 GT kext Do the normal kext loading procedure, and walah I'm in full resolution on my dell e248wfp widescreen monitor. I assume I have dual-monitor support, but I'm so sick of reconfiguring stuff that I'm not going to test it. Earlier, I had everything working and I changed resolution, that gave me a blue screen. I spent hours trying to fix it only to later learn that sometimes just plugging in a second monitor or using a dongle will fix the problem. Also this site: http://osx86.wikidot.com is pretty valuable for fixing problems in the installation. I installed the amd 10.5.1 release (version 1). If you get an e-machines t6534, which is a nice system to buy for the price, rest assured it will work. The only problem I had was the network card, but after installing a realtek card it worked perfectly. Sound worked by default with this release and for full usb support i just had to disable legacy mode in BIOS. Er- maybe I'm not using the manufacturer's BIOS ..heh...anyways, that's what I did =)
  2. Hello. I am using the 10.5.1 amd dvd, QE + CI at 1920x1200 resolution was working perfect. I tried changing resolution to 1280x800, as soon as I did that the resolution changed but I was staring at a blue screen. This might help solve the problem: There are 2 ways I start mac os x now. One is with -v -f and when I do this I get full resolution support and my monitor dell e248wfp (or whatever) shows up in the display settings. The other way I boot is without -v -f and I just get 1024x768. So I guess I really have 2 questions: how do I reset my resolution to get out of the blue screen when using -v -f, and how do I boot without having to use -v -f (load a kext or something?)
  3. The title and description should explain most of it: I used macman's method, I'm using the AMD 10.5.1 DVD. QE+CI works great. Only problem is my only listed resolution was 1024x768. I am now using the command line boot option: "Graphics Mode"="1920x1200x32" only when I am booted into mac os x, it shows my resolution as being 1600x1200. The monitor menu shows my resolution as being 1280x1024. Also my monitor says the refresh rate is 75 and it is recommended to be set to 60. My eyes are pretty sensitive to refresh rate changes and I think I can tell that it's not optimum. (who knows ) If there is something I missed on the forum please let me know. In the display manager it only shows the current resolution and does not let me change refresh rate or resolution. I am using DVI right now, though I also tried VGA and neither one made any difference in resolution. Thanks for your time
  4. Hi, I have a radeon x1900 GT device id 724b. I tried the jccool method installer and when it boots up I get a blue screen, with mouse cursor and everything. I can even log in but I don't see anything but the blue screen. If I push the power button however I briefly get to see the OS or login screen before my computer shuts off. I can get back to a normal view by deleting the natit kexts in single user mode. Is there something I can do to get this to work? I'd like at least 3d acceleration and resolution switching would be nice. I have no idea what qe and ci are.
  5. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    For people having trouble with high speed usb on 10.4.9 read post 164 on page 9. I used the newer version installer on 10.4.9 tubgirl release and then my usb worked fine. Actually my usb worked even before that but I could not use my flash drive. Now both my flash drive and usb camera /other usb devices all work and it's high speed.
  6. I am using the tubgirl release, i have an e-machines t6534 64 bit amd computer... After finding drivers and reading this forum I've gotten sound and networking to work. However the ati drivers that came with the tubgirl release do not work and I get an error message every time I boot up mac os x saying that the kext doesn't work or whatever. I did some searching for x1900 but didn't really find something definitive, so can anyone guide me towards which forum thread I might need to look at or which patch to apply? I'm using vga cables so i don't even have to worry about dvi problems. By the way on the ati website there are drivers for mac os x for a radeon g5 release, I'm assuming that won't work since I don't have a g5
  7. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou. I installed mac os x 10.4.9 tubgirl release today on my amd 64 e-machines computer... Sound didn't work but I found a realtek pkg on this forum, worked great. My ethernet did not work so first I tried using the nforce4 kext, it didn't work at all... I noticed my other computer had an old ethernet card so I tried plugging that in. Mac os had a new kext error message. I had no idea what kind of ethernet card this was but I searched for the error message on this forum and came to your post. I did the 'risk takers' approach and went into system preferences>networking and low and behold built in ethernet was finally detected. I now have a fully working mac os x system! (i think) So you can add that this will work with 10.4.9, at least the tubgirl amd release