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How do I start testing?


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I just got leopard running on a Gateway GT5026E using Kalyway. I did nothing but click install throughout the whole cd and now I have a semi working install.


It seems that Darwin is messed up. . . how do i fix that(i have an Ubuntu boot cd for Grub if that helps)?

I also have no audio or ethernet. . . where do i get .kexts and how do i get started testing the ones that might work for my hackintosh?


I'm new to this but here is the info I think could help to figure out my situation(let me know if there is something else needed):


Model Name:Mac

Model Id: Mac Pro

Processor Speed:2.8Ghz

Number of Proc: 1

Number of Cores: 2

Memory: 512MB

Bus: 800Mhz

Rom Version. Hack.int.0sh


Pentium D.

Motherboard: Intel Cortez (945G Chipset)


Audio: onboardHD (uses sigmatel?!) . . . i think i saw something about getting sigmatel kexts working


Lan: Intel 10/100 onboard


Leopard is installed completely on my Sata 300 GB maxtor harddrive after a fresh wipe.




Hopefully someone can aim me in the right direction. . . i'm willing to try many diff things to get this install to work properly.


PS: The media card reader works too!

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you have no specified any useful information. Chances are only 1/4 the ppl who read this thread will actually go and find out for you.

you have not specified what is wrong with the ethernet (does it work) and the bootloader. I can easily fix these problems if you provided more information.


AppleHDA patcher is simply a program that uses codecs that were made for your specific audio (if any) and patches them to make your audio work. Yes some sigmatels work, not all.


Your in luck. Here is fix for audio 9220.txt (you may have to copy and paste that to a .txt file and name it 9220)



Use AppleHDA patcher 1.20 (or whatever latest is). Simply drag the txt file over the applehda icon. DO NOT OPEN APPLE HDA first. SIMPLY DRAG THE TXT FILE TO THE UNOPENED ICON AND AUTHENTICATE. it will patch and reboot.'



consider ur self lucky that i went to find that for you. That kind of laziness is not 'wildly' accepted on this forum.


I would be most happy to help you if you said "my darwin bootloader does not timeout long enough, or my ethernet gets "self ip error" and i searched everywhere for it" Then i could give you a solution (even tho you could have searched more) hey, searching is an acquired talent.


Hey, i am a nice guy.


edit: this may be a solution for ur ethernet (whatever the problem is) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=25477

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sorry about not being specific. Thanks a million for your help. I've been really busy tonight.


The ethernet port does not work at all and doesn't even seem to be recognized.


OSX will not boot unless I have the kalyway install cd in the drive.

--I'm pretty sure that there is a problem with Darwin. It seems like once, the cd runs, it uses a good version of darwin and allows the HD to boot.


Thanks again for the help. I don't mean to beg for help, I just wanted to get my post up so I can get this baby working properly asap.




I really wasn't all that into MAC until I installed it out of curiosity. Now it looks like i'll be switching if I can get the ethernet driver to work.

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if you cant get ethernet, try a cheap nic for <10 dollars. And i know your darwin problem. you said "put in the cd, pressed install everywhere" that right there makes no system work. The reason being is on the kalyway.. the default EFI type is GUID (type of partition scheme) partitions at default are formatted as MBR (master boot record). This would cause that problem. Simply reinstall (try using options such as "vanilla kernel and fix" also go and change the Bootloader/EFI type to MBR instead of GUID(default) install... should work.

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