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What things "need" to be set before isntall Kalyway


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Right im desperate for this to work i have macs and will not buy a new one because i have had nothing but bad experiences with modern mac hardware. I have built a reasonable pc




e6600 core2duo

2gigs ddr2 ram


Asus P5Ne-SLI

600gb SATA (Not used)

80gb IDE for mac partitioned for mac = 10gb (OSX) / 70gb (Files)


and have been having a few issues i was trailing through the site and have seen

various methods of how to fix certain problems but nothing definate. I was wondering if you could list your specs and exact settings or techniques you found worked or even what 

you have found has not worked and maybe by power of

elimination we could find the reasons for this.


Also as the title says i was wondering if there are any universal settings and things that need to be done to install Kalyways new leopard DVD ISO






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Hey Brian,


I hope you're still checking back for a reply on this. I know how hopeless it can feel sometimes.. I so far haven't received a helpful reply yet... So I'm trying to help others through by letting them know about my success. I did manage to install Leopard on my PC which is made up entirely of Intel chipsets (see sig), though I have installed Tiger on my Asus P4P800-E Deluxe in the past and had EVERY component in it working, that was glorious.


Basically, if you haven't already, just give it a shot! There's absolutely no harm in buying a new HDD for under a hundred bucks, disconnecting the one with your current OS and then spending a day trying to get this to work! :)


If you EVER have any issues, just search the forum or post a new topic. I'll try my best to catch your topics-- otherwise I hope you get more help than I've had! :D


Good luck,


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