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  1. Atheros 9285 kext for ML

    Thank you for the hack, but which kext is the normal kext? The ML install doesnt install the kext I was using with Lion and neither the one I had working previously with ML i.e. the AirPortAtheros21 kext...do I need to add this to the IO80211Family kext or just leave it as is and apply the patch?
  2. Atheros 9285 kext for ML

    Isnt osx86 down for you? Thats interesting its been 404'ing for me for over a month. I will try it on another computer....maybe my firewall has somehow started blocking it. EDIT: nope I tested it on a site that pings it and the site says its up but I cant access it here for whatever reasons. I dont suppose someone could grab the file for me and upload it? Proof that I am not just being lazy
  3. Atheros 9285 kext for ML

    Hi sorry about this, this is literally the last thing. I did have a modified kext which was working but now what ever I try it doesn't seem to want to work. I tried adding the AirPortAtheros21 kext back into the plugin folder of the IO80211Family kext Which worked before ...does anyone have a working kext that they don't mind uploading please?
  4. ML Install boots only in usb (Almost done)

    You are wonderful, That sorted it right out thank you
  5. I have tried chimera that comes with uni b, I have installed two different versions of chameleon both post the ML update. I have changed the flags in the boot plist I have tried loading with the boot flags (-v PCIRootUID=0 npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes) and nothing. It keeps hanging after IOBluetoothHCIController Its taken me a few days to get the system running and I am contemplating just leaving in the usb stick as my bootloader...which whilst not the worst thing in the world It would be nice not having to do that. Any help or advice is very much appreciated Brian
  6. Can only boot from USB :(

    Can you please link to the thread I cant find it based on your description.
  7. Installing on a partition?

    Thank you thats all i needed to know i found an old ide drive and im trying to install on that
  8. Right im desperate for this to work i have macs and will not buy a new one because i have had nothing but bad experiences with modern mac hardware. I have built a reasonable pc specs: e6600 core2duo 2gigs ddr2 ram 8800gtx Asus P5Ne-SLI 600gb SATA (Not used) 80gb IDE for mac partitioned for mac = 10gb (OSX) / 70gb (Files) and have been having a few issues i was trailing through the site and have seen various methods of how to fix certain problems but nothing definate. I was wondering if you could list your specs and exact settings or techniques you found worked or even what you have found has not worked and maybe by power of elimination we could find the reasons for this. Also as the title says i was wondering if there are any universal settings and things that need to be done to install Kalyways new leopard DVD ISO Peace Brian
  9. Installing on a partition?

    Hi is there any way to install onto a FAT32 partition on a drive that containes a windows OS (vista in this case) I made a partition and formatted as FAT32 but in the disk utility in the setup it doesnt show up only a 4.4 gig space thats read only :S I was wondering if it is, if it is impossible as the other partitions are all NTFS or that im just doing it wrong. Please respond i would rather find out befo e i go and by a new drive sorry if that was a little nonsensical i have been trying this all morning Peace Brian Oh ps i am running KALAWAY LEOPARD DISK i also have iATKOS but it doesnt like to work