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Does D-Link DWA-547 work?

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I'm in need of a fast (11n) wireless NIC and I found DWA-547 from d-link witch seems nice, But Does it work with OSx86 Leopard? And are there different type of DWA-547 cards with different chipsets what will work/not work?

Hope that someone have information about it.

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dwa 547 works with leopard, but i have to use 10.5.1 IO80211family.kext from kalyway dvd release. but the transfer rate is still in 802.11g. no idea why


AirPort Card Information:


Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x3A6B)

Wireless Card Locale: Unknown

Wireless Card Firmware Version: 1.2.2

Current Wireless Network: AIREXPHM

Wireless Channel: 6

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