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Trouble formatting/partitioning IDE HD, I get I/O Errors..


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I am using Zephyroths 10.5.1 1.0 installation, my SATA drives work perfect, and my 160gb WD PATA drive used to work fine when I had it in an external firewire enclosure, (it's now connected vie IDE) but now I get an i/o error when ever I try to partition, or format it. I tried booting off the Leo DVD to partition it, but upon loading it I noticed it was throwing i/o errors, one of which was 0xFFFFFFFC, and obviously I couldn't format or partition it from Disk Utility off the Install DVD either. I verified the disc was ok with Disk Warrior but for the life of me can't format or partition. Any ideas?


Also, I am using MeDevels latest nFORCEATA driver.

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