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Easy 1.1.3 update!


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Hiya everyone,


I know there is a post on this already, but i thought id give my thoughts on doing this.


I bought my phone about 4 weeks ago from a apple store in Glasgow, so it came with 1.1.2, i jail broke it and im using it with a pay as you go O2 sim card.


I saw the 1.1.3 update and thought id give it a go, i read a lot of stuff and this was the easy est way (good for noobs!)




All you have to do is add http://installer.iClarified.com as a source, install BSDsubsystem, set you auto lock to never then run the soft 1.1.3 jailbreak in the apps list. It took around 10 mins for me then it restarts and its done!!


My pay as you go sim still works, including the maps. a lot of the apps in installer dont run under 1.1.3 but im sure they will get updated soon!


So there you go, all done and working and im happy (so far)


I hope thats of some help to you!!




Ok so after some use i noticed that my sms's were out of order, by that i mean that instead of being my message and there reply they were two groups all mine and all theres! i hope that makes sense!!


If you have seen it on your phone then you should know what i mean, but tofix it do this:


Install SSH on you iphone

open terminal on mac and connect to your phone: ssh root@<phoneip address>

enter the root password (alpine)

then run this: chmod a+w /private/var/db/timezone


Now go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Time Zone on the phone, change the time zone to anything else, then back to the one you are in, check your date and time are right.


thats should be it working, it fixed it for me!


Hope thats help

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