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Basic instructions for Leopard retail DVD install?


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Hello OSX86 community!


I'm looking to build a hackintosh, and was hoping you could help me out with some questions I had. After some research, I've decided to go with the Gigabyte P35 DS4 rev 2.0 and the XFX 7600GT. I'll probably do a Core 2 Duo E8400 and 4 GB ram.


I've read a bunch of guides, but what I can't seem to find is plainly worded instructions on how to get Leopard running using nothing but the following:


1. bare hardware (case/PSU, mobo, CPU, ram, HDD, DVD-RW, video)

2. retail Leopard DVD (or a perfect copy of one)

3. a USB flash drive

4. downloaded files off torrent

5. a Windows PC to put stuff on the flash drive


6. a patched Leopard DVD (kalyway) to boot from initially


What I would like to avoid:

- using a patched DVD

- attaching the empty HDD to another computer to prep it.

- having to use patches at the end to get things working (I understand this may be unavoidable)



I'm very computer savvy when it comes to building PCs and doing Windows installs, and I can definitely follow command line instructions, I just need the basic overview. Like what files do I download, where do I put them, what do I do with the flash drive in preparation for the retail DVD, what patches (if any) do I need for the DS4 2.0 mobo and the XFX 7600GT? Perhaps if you can help me through this I can write up a "super-newb" guide for those with no experience with OSX86!


Much thanks!




Okay, so here's the edit:

I'm starting to get an understanding of all this, so let me see if I can ask my question a better way.



With the addition of a Kalyway Leopard DVD to boot to, am I able to install a retail Leopard DVD onto my bare hackintosh hardware? I think the answer is yes, but maybe someone can help me out with an explanation. I guess another question would be, is it worth the effort to use a retail DVD over kalyway? Will it be more stable?


My current understanding of how the process would work is this: (I'll update as people help me figure it out! =)


1. Build the actual computer (hardware components)

2. Put the needed files on a flash drive (EFI, etc. -- I still need help with this list)

3. Turn on the hackintosh and change BIOS settings as needed (I can look these up in the karaakeha1 thread)

4. Boot to the patched Leopard DVD (kalyway)

5. Use the Disk Utility on the booted kalyway disc to format the HDD partition as a GUID

6. Mount the USB flash drive with the EFI files which I prepped in step 2 on my Windows PC

7. Run the Terminal commands to get the EFI stuff onto my GUID partition

8. Turn off computer

9. Reboot with the retail Leopard DVD in the DVD drive and no external drives attached, just the prepped GUID partition

10. Run the install like on a normal Mac

11. Apply patches if needed for motherboard, video


How did I do? Do I have a basic understanding of the process?


Thanks again for the help!


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You can't use the retail disk to install. It is impossible. You will have to patch it with the BraziMac pre and post patch, or download Kalyway or iATKOS. Kalyway and iATKOS both have the option to have the vanilla kernel and pc_efi. Kalyway you can use GUID or MBR, but with iATKOS you have to use MBR. Kalyway sets your HD as bootable and in iATKOS you have to manually install the Darwin Boot Loader. If you are computer savvy, maybe you can make your own install disk and release for the people here on Insanely Mac.

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You have to patch the dvd. No way around that. Unless you buy a Mac, you won't be able to use the retai leopard dvd....



Kalaway is your best bet more than likely. Intel hackintosh's are easy. AMD/nForce....not so much



Good luck

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Take a look at this thread:




It explains the process of installing from the retail DVD, but you may need to read the instructions to figure it all out. I'm going to try this method once I get all my parts.




Edit: you may need the Kalaway disk to format it first. You may have to do a bit of searching to find that. I have a mac mini to format so it will be easier for me to follow this method. But anyway, just read that thread and see if it helps.

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there is a tutorial for your exact board on this site.. in this forum. It cant get any easier than that.. most ppl dont have the good fortune of havign a mobo specific tut. With that motherboard, or certainly others you could of gone with, there is absolutely no patching at the end.. but you may need a patched DVD to install it.

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Okay, I read through that whole thread, and I think I am getting a better understanding of how all this works. There's a post toward the end that really helped me out:



And what about this installation method (whithout preinstalled LEO or TIGER):

1. Boot from any Cracked LEO DVD (With mount name different from "MAC OS X Install DVD")

2. Format your hard drive in GUID

3. Apply EFI Patch from terminal and any flash drive

4. Then mount LEO Retail Image from any USB or second Internal Drive

5. From terminal run: cd /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/System/Installation/Packages

6. From terminal run: open osinstall.mpkg (??? will installation run on this step ???)

7. After installation complete, add dsmos and other .kext from USB Drive to new fresh install

8. Repair permissions

9. Reboot from HD



So what I wanted to do isn't possible, but with the addition of either a patched DVD or a working Leopard partition, I can use a retail Leopard DVD and get it to install? The steps above are what I was looking for: a high-level, plainly worded explanation of what the process is, so that I can delve further into the details.


Let me edit my first post to reflect the change.

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