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Doubts about partitioning


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Hello everyone. I'm looking forward to install leopard on my pc and have still got some doubts, i hope you can help me with.


I've got 2 HDDs, one of them (200gb) has my windows system installed and the other one (500gb) is formatted to NTFS and has only got some files like movies backup etc. I'm planning to install the Kalyway 10.5.1 SSE2 SSE3 (thanks a lot to the developers btw) in the 500 gb disk but I guess I will have to partition that HDD. My doubts are the following:


How much space is it recommended to use for the Leopard system?

Will I be able to see the files in the NTFS partitions from Leopard?

Which format should I select for the Leopard partition?


Thanks for your attention!

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