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  1. Silicon Image SIL 3512 SATA Comtroller

    Thanks peach-os but could you be a little more specific? The steelvine controller works great with windows 7. What kind of jumper should i change and how will it affect my raid configuration. Thanks.
  2. Silicon Image SIL 3512 SATA Comtroller

    How to i get SiI5723 working is SL? Thanks a lot!
  3. Still no solutions? I want have 2 backup HD in a RAID-1 configuration accessible (r+w) from SL and W7. My SL'HD is controlled by ICH10. Thanks.
  4. ASUS P5Q Pro eSATA Sil5723

    I have two SATA ports controlled by Silicon Image SIL5723. They are currently not recognized by SL. Can they work in a RAID-1 configuration?
  5. ICH10R (in RAID mode) Working (in SL)...Sorta

    Hi, I have PC-EFI 10.6 and my computer fails to boot in RAID mode (ICH10R). My "boot" partition is on the same drive as mac os. What I would wish to accomplish is a simple RAID-1 configuration with 2 HD formatted in NTFS. I want those disks to be writable in SL (thanks to Paragon NTFS 8.0) and W7. Is it possible? Has someone tried this? Thanks for the info. EDIT: I don't want to use (if possible) an external usb key to boot chameleon...
  6. Previous Shutdown Cause: 3

    Clearing the CMOS didn't helped. What i did to solve the issue was to remove the ram and but it back in. Strange but it worked. Thanks anyways!
  7. Something very strange happened overnight while i was sleeping... My computing has been running Mac OS and Windows together for 3 years now. Yesterday i played Left 4 Dead on Windows 7 and used Aperture on Snow Leopard. Everything was working perfectly. This morning, when i try to boot SL it freezes after "Previous Shutdown Cause: 3". If I try to boot Windows 7 it freezes too. I read this issue was related to power. I tried to clear the BIOS, to unplug 2 of my 4 SATA hard drives and tried to use an other power outlet. My PSU is capable of 700W. My CPU is not overclocked. Is my new Asus P5QC dead? Thanks for the help.
  8. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Nice update. Finally i can hide 5 unless partition and make the boot loader more eye-candy! Great job!
  9. 10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    I haven't updated yet, but how is OpenGL performing with 8800GT compared to 10.6.1, 10.5.8?? Thanks.
  10. 10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    Could i have more confirmation about his issue. I'm about to update and have a 8800GT. Thanks.
  11. Games for Crossover Games

    Should i try to install Mass Effect, or will i loose my time?
  12. Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.6.2 to developers

    Faster OpenGL on 8800GT?
  13. Slow OpenGL performance in Snow Leopard

    It's performing a bit better using the other DVI port, but far from perfect (as in 10.5.8)...
  14. Slow OpenGL performance in Snow Leopard

    I get 200 more frames (average) but test 3.0 still fails. Anyways, OpenGL apps (like Quick Look) work much better in 10.5.8!! Ive almost got a perfect 64bit hackintosh, this is the last/only reason iam staying in 10.5.8 for now. Everything else is faster in 10.6.
  15. Slow OpenGL performance in Snow Leopard

    I have an Asus EN8800GT 512. Terrible performance compared to 10.5.8!! Haaaaa! No solution yet? Maybe we should wait 10.6.2! EDIT: I have tried Xbench. For the OpenGL test i get 188 on 10.5.8 and 80 on 10.6.1...