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Asus P5KC Intel P35+E8400


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Ok, i rebooted to check my bios settings:


CPU ratio 8x

FSB Freq 400Mhz

DRAM Freq 800Mhz (ddr2)


Jmicron eSata/Pata Controller > Enabled

-->Controller Mode > AHCI (important)


Main section: Sata Config > Enhanced

--> IDE


USB 2.0 Controller mode > HiSpeed


CPU Config:

C1E Support > Disabled (works when disabled, not sure what function it has, or if it works enabled)

CPUTM > Disabled

VANDERPOOL > Disabled (works weither enabled or disabled, not sure about best perf)

Execute Disabled bit > Enabled (Important)

Max CPUiD Value Limit > Disabled




ACPI Version Enabled

ACPI APIC Support Enabled




Onboard Audio set as "High Definition" (not AC97)


the rest is default settings. Overclocking settings make my cpu run at 1600Mhz fsb, 3.2 Mhz with the Intel cpu cooler (delivered with the cpu retail box), and runs very stable (even Vcore voltage set on Auto).



The only issue i faced is that the Kalyway (and probably all Mac DVD's) don't boot on an IDE cdrom drive (because it's a Jmicron controller).

So i used a Sata drive (get a IDE > Sata adaptator if you only have an ide drive, i bought a Sata DVD Burner just for this), on the non-Jmicron Sata controller (The dvd won't boot on any Jmicron IDE/Sata controller, but there's another SATA controller on the board, just next to the PCI express bus, on the P5kR Asus board).


if you have any question about a specific setting just ask :(

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gr8! booted the DVD fine with a SATA DVD drive..


Sorry, to hijack the thread, but also, What settings did you select on the DVD custom Options (ive formated the drive with MBR instead of GUID)? I hope you don't mind.. any direction would be greatly appreciated :)

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i formatted as MBR partition too.

since i have a 8800GT Nvidia card i diden't check any video drivers (nvinject/natit) since versions on dvd are not compatible (get nvinject 2.0/2.1, read 8800 threads with 10.5.2 drivers on this forum), diden't check any audio drivers either (i installed audio drivers with AppleHDA patcher 1.20 and a codec file i generated on linux, its the same as the P5KC codec file in the "official" AppleHDA patcher thread, in the Drivers section).

I was also told that the SSE2 option shoulden't be checked with a Q6600 cpu.


so i installed the DVD with following options checked:

Vanilla kernel + fix




that's it :thumbsup_anim:

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