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Some Newbie Fear (m8150n)

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I Have a HP media center m8150n. It has 2 *physical*, 300 GB hard drives. A core 2 Q6600 (4 core) processor, and a nvidia 8400GS.


I have been using vista ultimate on it for quite some time, and all of my files are on this computer. Is there a safe way I can make a dual boot operating system machine, so that it does not damage vista/the files? How would I go about doing this. I've tried looking for instructions, but after reading them, I never get reassured that my data is safe. Or if there is even a way to do it.


If I had the Vista DVD, I could just backup everything, load leopard, then vista. But I do not have the Vista installation DVD.


I have no prior knowledge in this field, other than getting Tiger to run in VMware. But without graphics, and very crappy refresh rates, I found it useless.


I would really like a native Leopard install. I already have the Kalyway package of leopard.

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