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Help deciding on mobo


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Hey, my dilemma is basically:


I have a Q6600 (g0 stepping)

I have my case/powersupply

i also have my RAM selected and everything


now im just thinking about what mobo i should get and video card.


I want to get a 8800gt and a SLI compatible Mobo (ofcourse i wont use SLI with mac but in the future i would probably get another 8800gt when prices drop more and it becomes worthwhile for me to run games on SLI)


So i'm bsically decided between SLI mobo and 8800gt

i read the forums on both 680i/650i thread and the P5n32-e forum and the P6n one

Is this setup going to be hard for me and can anyone suggest me a good mobo to use.

also i was looking at a Abit Fatal1ty do those work in leopard?


thanks alot everyone

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I have been thinking about getting a p5k board also since it supports 1066mhz ram

If you go P5K route, make sure you get one of the P5K boards with ICH9R. Will save you some trouble if you want to run in AHCI mode (if you want to run 4GB RAM). Since apparently Asus decided to drop AHCI support on some P5K ICH9 variants like vanilla P5K and P5KC and maybe some others..


It is still possible to run vanilla P5K in AHCI, but you need one of the old BIOS'es - like 406. If you do that, it will limit you to 1033 and of course you won't have support for some of the newer C2D's.

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