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  1. So I was given this original apple 1984 computer (i am not sure if it is in working condition) it has Steve Job's autograph! and I would like to ask this community regarding the possible price for this thing? I am considering putting it on ebay, but I don't know how much I should ask for it. Thanks.
  2. Think this one will work? Seeing how 6870 is working.. although probably not.
  3. Geforce 500 Series

    http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=...60&start=90 That dude is claiming that 580 is working in DP2.
  4. Geforce 500 Series

    I will build a thousand small churches in honor of first person to test gtx 580 on DP2. Thanks.
  5. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    I've tried vnc'ing into 6970 machine two weeks ago. It worked only once, for w/e reason, when it worked it died almost right away. DutchHockeyPro, any other pearls of "pro" wisdom? If you don't have to say anything constructive/helpful, stick to your leet github project and leave us mortals be. I am actually not sure if I want to bother with 6970 anymore, this seems to be going nowhere. On the other hand I've had exactly 0 glitches with 6870, running perfectly. rominator, slightly OT, did you ever find out if gtx 580 works in Lion DP2? thanks.
  6. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I really doubt that.. But then you won't have to wait long, Lion is close.
  7. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    I've gotten past the blue screen once with 6970, but it was just distorted framebuffer, nothing usable. Every other time it's just blue screen. I think i am going to give up on 6970, at least until another update. On the other hand, my xfx hd 6870 dual fan is working amazingly well, can see 4 screens, so far exactly 0 problems with gl games / code.
  8. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    I have same behaviour with 6970. 6870 works fine so far.
  9. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    ~30 on opengl Cinebench is kind of a meh result, for this card, imo? I am getting 25 on 9800 GTX+, and that's what, 3 years old? As for 6970, still no luck, just solid blue upon boot. I ordered XFX 6870, so hopefully that will work.
  10. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    I am getting solid blue on 6970 on i7 machine, so I am guessing it's not just your mac pro. Would be very nice if someone reported 6970 working
  11. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Anyone got this to work with 6970? If so which brand? Still trying to get Gigabyte 6970 to work Thanks.
  12. Geforce 500 Series

    I see - Graphics Drivers in today's 10.6.7 seed. I wonder..
  13. Geforce 500 Series

    I don't think 10.6.7 will have it.
  14. nForce LAN driver

    Does anyone have this working on E7AUM? both 0.64.5 and 0.64.6 pkgs install, but card does not show up..
  15. Does anyone have nForceLAN.kext working (including after resume from sleep) on 10.6.4? I can't get it to work for the life of me (either 0.64.6 or 0.64.5). They won't even load. As for older versions, they do load, but I have no network present - card just sits there, but no functionality. (And yes, I removed nvenet.kext.) nvenet.kext alone works fine, but the dreaded sleep issue.. Thanks in advance.