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im new to this forum, but have some questions. just to make sure, on this forum, theres info on how to get mac OS Lepoard installed on a pc, the actually operating system, right? im very sick of windows and want to put mac on my pc, as the primary os. can someone please tell me wut i need, and maybe direct me to a noob thread of how to install mac on a pc? also how is the hardware compatibility with this? can someone tell me if my pc will work with it?

600w psu

3.2GHZ pentium d(prob upgrade to core 2 duo soon)

4gb ram

8800GTs 640MB


and 19" widescreen monitor


thanks in advance for help. ive always wanted to put mac on my pc, and asked Exodus885 on another forum and he gave me this link. thanks again, and hopefully ill be running mac on my pc very soon :)

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