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  1. wan3212

    Problems already....

    I'm trying to get Leopard 10.5.2 working, and the first problem is that Partition magic doesn't do anything, so I cant convert my hdd to Fat32. Is there another program that would do this? Also I burned my 10.5.2 ISO to a DVD, and I accidentally left it in once when it was booting. However, when my pc booted, the disc did not, and it just went right to Vista. I even have it set so it boots from dvds/cds first. So what program do all of you use to burn DVDS? Not Nero...
  2. wan3212

    Which version to install?

    Thanks, I will Fyi the DVDRW drive is SATA.
  3. wan3212

    Which version to install?

    Thanks for response... IDE hdd, EVGA 650i Ultra Mobo, USB wireless kb, ps2 wireless mouse
  4. What do you think is the best, most stable, most compatible version of leopard to install on my pc? I'm trying to install leopard, and I dont know which version to install, 10.4.8, 10.5.3, 10.5.5? Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Q6700 8GB Ram 8800GT SC Thanks!
  5. Well I have done absolutely nothing so far....I'm waiting on EVGA, because my mobo for my main pc broke, So I cant install Leopard right now
  6. ^Thanks. I remember from before I got more progress with iAktos so I will probably do that again.
  7. Only $200 for the Ram, caught it on sale. As for Distro, I am not sure which I will be using quite yet. Thanks for the help I'm sorry, I'm an impatient person.
  8. My apologies...I checked, and my motherboard isnt on the list. Anyone know if it works? Why was this moved to Buying Thoughts, Reviews, and Recommendations?
  9. I remember why I hate this forum so much now....No one answers questions. Anyone? Also is it possible to not run into any problems at all, everything works the first time? Has this happened for anyone?
  10. I tried installing Leopard on my old PC....I want into COUNTLESS problems. Now I have built a new PC, and I am wondering if people think this will work on my new pc. 650i Ultra Intel Core 2 Duo Q6700 2.66GHZ 8GB OCZ Reaper Ram 800MHZ 8800GT SC 320GB HDD (Windows Vista Ultimate Drive) 120GB HDD (Currently has Windows XP but Leopard would be installed here) I use a 24" LCD @1920x1200 Thanks in advance!
  11. In the first step when just the apple logo is up with the spinning loading circle thing, I get a symbol that looks like this, but without mac mini logo. Any ideas what it means?
  12. wan3212

    Macbook TV Tuner

    I'm wondering if the MacBook or MacBook Pro has a TV Tuner or not. If they dont, whats a good one to get, and how do they work? When can I watch TV, and what do I need to make it work. Do I just need cable, or what? Sorry, this is probably a noob question, but im newer in the world of Mac.
  13. wan3212

    iTouch Screenshots

    where the hell do u guys get just cool themes? is it a specific source or something? also, i still have 1.1.1. is it easy to jailbreak 1.1.3 now?