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New Build / should I keep my p5w dh deluxe - what video card?

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I want to upgrade my computer to penryn quad core, and want to do some overclocking on it.


So I must sell my beloved p5w dh deluxe, because that maxes at 425 FSB, not enough for Penryn goodness ... :rolleyes:


1. Is there a p35 motherboard that is as good as the p5wdh for os x ? I was thinking p5k-e wifi ...


2. Will the 8800gt 512mb work NOW out of the box in 10.5.1/2? Like, detected by the kalyway installer, no need for mucking about in the console with kexts ... ;)


3. x1950xt or 8800gt 512mb?


BTW, I cured all my sound problems with a nice/cheap firewire interface, the Behringer FCA202. It's a nice 24bit/96khz 2in/2out with headphone jack interface, with no mic preamp though. :rolleyes:


It really seems designed for the mac crowd, it matches nicely and can run powered over firewire. :rolleyes:

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Do you need the extra CPU power that Penryn will bring over current Kentsfields (both overclocked of course)? A G0 stepping xeon 3220 or E6600 should oc upto 3.6 GHz and keep cool using a TR ultra 120 extreme (idk how good your mobo ocs with quads) which is fast enough for almost anything a high performance user can throw at it imho. If your mobo sucks for overclocking current quads, go buy a P35 (for overclocking DFI is the best, for a budget mobo I would suggest the cheaper DFI P35 Lanparty) but check for OS X compatibility of the o/b components first. Other than that these boards both usually hit FSB500 and above with kentsfields.

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