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Total newb, step by step would be awesome


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i am extremely new to this osx on pc



i have a macbook running leopard and a copy of leopard (both dvd and DMG)



my pc has

AMD 5200 socket AM2

2gigs RAM


2 harddrives - 80gig, and 160 gig, both sata

(i want to intall osx on the 80gig)



a step by step noob guide would be awesome


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Why don't you look around in the Tutorial section there are a ton of guides there. You won't be able to use a retail Leopard disc to install OSX on that PC. You will need a patched install dvd. OSX on a PC has been around for a while now and most questions that noobs have has already been answered. Do some research. Nobody here will hold your hand if you don't put in some effort on your part.




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