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Kalyway includes AppleNForceATA.kext?


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I'm trying to get Kalyway 10.5.1 working on my MSI p6n 650i mobo, but I think the problem has to do with the SATA HD I am using. When I go to Disk Utility and try to partition the drive, I get an input/output error, which I'm sure is because I am using a 650i mobo and an SATA HD. I then found the AppleNForceATA.kext and attempted to inject the ktext into the Kalyway ISO, but it appears AppleNForceATA.kext is already there. The one I downloaded is not the same size as the one located on the Kalyway ISO, but it should still work shouldn't it?


Is something else the problem and not the AppleNForceATA.kext? I don't have any PATA drives, so I'm stuck ATM.

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