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Questions about Leo + GRUB + PCEFI.......


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Hi, i have a laptop Compal IFL90 (c2d T7700 2.4 ghz, 8600GT 512mb, ecc..) and now i have installed in the harddisk vista + linux, with Grub as bootloader. I have 17 gb of unallocated space, so i wanna try installing Leopard.


I wanna try with Kalyway 1.5.1 iso. (Is that good??)


My questions are:


1) When i install kalyway leo, it installs automatically also Pc_efi?


2) Installing kalyway leo will overwrite my Grub in Mbr?


3) If, after the installation of Leo, i wanna reinstall grub in mbr, can i then boot leo from grub? (together with vista+linux, adding an entry in menu.lst)


4) pc_efi is installed as a bootloader? Can i have grub in mbr and also pc_efi? Or if i have pc_efi i cannot have grub but only the osx bootloader?


5) is possibile from pc_efi or osx bootloader to launch vista and linux?


Thank you for help!

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