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  1. Enable Sleep On Samsung N130

    in my N130 i've done this procedure to enable sleep and the brightness control (in SL 10.6.3): Enabling Sleep / Brightness Go into the BIOS and set the following: EDB = Enabled Legacy USB Support: Disabled USB S3 Wake-Up = Enabled Boot into OSX You’ll need to replace the DSDT.aml from NetbookMaker with the one below. I’ve uploaded a DSDT.aml for the n310 here – DSDT.aml. This is for the N310, but it works great also in NC10 and N130. To use, rename file to DSDT.aml, and copy to /Extra, then reboot. This also apparently works for Brightness control on 10.6.3. You’ll have to change brightness from the System Prefs / Displays / Brightness though, as the function keys aren’t mapped. Then i have a question for you: how have you upgraded to 10.6.4?? direct normal upgrade or i had to do some procedures first? Thank You!
  2. Compal (I)FL-90

    i've ifl90, and today i tryed kalyway 10.5.2 install dvd. All ok, i've chosen speedstep kernel and the fan seems to work well. Video works ok (i've selected nvinject 512 mb from installer). no lan driver, no wifi driver (i've intel 4965bgn). i've read audio works with taruga alc268installer2, but i had to try yet. I've a problem...if i connect a usb pen, it's not mounted automatically...how can i solve?
  3. HI, i've an IFL90 too. We can make this the official IFL90 Thread if you want I make a summary of hardware compatibility: (tested with kalyway 1.5.1) - Video 8600gt: No nvidia video, instal nvinstaller v33 (don´t install latest v41 or the laptop will never shutdown again) Full QE/CI. - Audio ALC268: Audio with ALC268 installer from the forum. - Lan Broadcom BCM5787: not working yet. - Wifi Intel 4965: not working yet (you can use a leo compatible wifi usb dongle) - How to fix overheating issues: Remove applethermal kext and applecputhermal kext
  4. keyboard and 8600gt works! But lan, wifi and sound not (
  5. Hi, i have a laptop Compal IFL90 (c2d T7700 2.4 ghz, 8600GT 512mb, ecc..) and now i have installed in the harddisk vista + linux, with Grub as bootloader. I have 17 gb of unallocated space, so i wanna try installing Leopard. I wanna try with Kalyway 1.5.1 iso. (Is that good??) My questions are: 1) When i install kalyway leo, it installs automatically also Pc_efi? 2) Installing kalyway leo will overwrite my Grub in Mbr? 3) If, after the installation of Leo, i wanna reinstall grub in mbr, can i then boot leo from grub? (together with vista+linux, adding an entry in menu.lst) 4) pc_efi is installed as a bootloader? Can i have grub in mbr and also pc_efi? Or if i have pc_efi i cannot have grub but only the osx bootloader? 5) is possibile from pc_efi or osx bootloader to launch vista and linux? Thank you for help!
  6. Problema gestione ventola CPU

    ho lo stesso problema anche io sullo stesso portatile!! hai risolto poi?